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Critical Acclaim for Torus:



"this is as unique an album I’ve heard in the genre...a breathtaking record" 
Music You Need to Hear

'Adventurous and explorative are the two adjectives that come to mind to describe James' work. If those words describe you too then you will really enjoy this, wherever your musical interest lies.'


"Listening to this record while staring out the window watching day turn to night, as clouds roll gently by is a strangely satisfying and wildly calming experience. You should try it."
The Skinny


"The music on this album feels more experimental and progressive than the output of many self-proclaimed progressive bands"
The Prog Space


"The music is adventurous, wonderfully played, well produced and is, above all else, highly enjoyable and entertaining. Torus is an excellent album"
At The Barrier

"a vibrant blend of folk-rock that radiates positivity, freedom and adventure"
Adrian Pallant

"a free-flowing intelligent and unquestionably joyful album."
UK Vibe

"Torus is an experimental masterpiece offering traditional folk blended with jazz and progressive rock."
Cluck Old Hen

Critical Acclaim for Strand:

“an inviting, contrasting weave of warm, incisive melody and textural detail” Adrian Pallant (London Jazz News)


“Mood, tone and tempo shift as constantly as the tide.” ★★★★ Jim Gilchrist (The Scotsman)


“Very ethereal, very chilled, very cinematic. The mix of folk and jazz has been done seamlessly and very, very well.” ★★★★★ Simon Redley (Music Republic Magazine)


“That's one commonality across this record – everything sounds beautiful” ★★★★ Harry Harris (The Skinny)



The Skinny


London Jazz News


Bright Young Folk

The Scotsman